Hey, we're glad you want to keep learning about pottery and 
stretch you creative clay wings!

Here is some info to help you have a fun, easy studio experience.

The Studio Classroom:
Classes are 3 hours.  We do not open the doors early.  Please allow the teachers to do the necessary prep work before the class is actually scheduled to begin.  The last 20 minutes of class is used to prep your clay, ask questions and clean up in a timely manner. The glaze room will be closed 30 minutes before class ends. 

We work with Balcones and Grande clay.  Please do not bring in you own clay.  No other clay will work with our recycling system and kiln firings. We sell a 25# bag of clay for $10.

You must have your own set of basic tools.  They cost about $17.  Tools can be purchased at The Ceramic Store, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Texas Art Supply.  You'll have fun choosing tools you like!  

Check out The Ceramic Store .

You will be given two shelves with you name on them.  One will be for wet work in progress.  One will be for bisque and finished glaze work.  Please do not ask us to search for you individual pieces.  If they are not on your shelf they are drying, being fired, or you forgot to sign them.  SIGN your work legibly and it will be on your shelf when it is ready.

We like to have a fun, loose environment but please be considerate of others.  Give other folks time to talk and ask questions.  Put tools and clay away and leave the studio clean and organized.

The Glaze Room:
We want you to be successful with your pottery and glazing can 
"make or break" a piece.  

Stir, stir the glazes before you use them and then every 5 minutes.
If the glaze looks gloppy on the stir-stick or your hand than it isn't stirred enough.   
PLEASE, ask the teacher to check the glazes if you are unsure of the thickness before dipping.  That's what we are here for!

Glaze layering is very tricky and takes practice.  Keep it simple in the beginning.  PLEASE keep a notebook of your glazing.  You'll be happy you did when you get the glorious piece out of the kiln and everyone asks what colors you used!

The glaze room gets messy quickly.  Please do your part to wipe up glaze spills on the buckets, table, around the sink.  Clean tools and put them away.  TURN OFF WAX BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE ROOM (this is a fire hazard).   
The Glaze is closed the last 30 minutes of class.  Please clean up before that time.  Do not ask us to let you glaze longer. 

Independent  Studio. Saturday from 12:30-3:30pm
Available for those registered in the 3 month session.
We know that a three hour class once a week is sometimes not enough time to get your creative clay ideas completed.  The studio is open on Saturday afternoons for people who are trying to complete a project or want to practice throwing skills.  You must have permission from us. We need to know that you are independent and considerate enough to work without supervision. 

Please follow these rules:

1. The cost to use the independent studio is $5 per day.  This pays for the utilities (water, electricity, etc.), recycling of clay, and general maintenance.  Imagine having a studio in a garage and walking into it and having all the clay ready to use, the wheel clean, tools, and someone is going to clean and mop the place after you leave!  That's worth $5 bucks.

2. You are on your own.  The teachers are not being paid at this time. We assume you are self-directed at this stage and able to follow the studio rules.

3.  The Glaze Room is closed during independent studio.  Glazing is only allowed during class when glaze evaporation is monitored.

4. If you want to save the pieces you have made during Saturday studio you must wrap them yourself.  This means you may have to unwrap your piece during class time to let it continue drying.  Again, be self-reliant. The teachers come in on Sunday morning to wrap the Saturday morning classes pots, but will not return Sunday evening to wrap open studio work.  You will also be charged an extra fee if your work for the month exceeds the allotted 12"x12"x12" space.

5. You must recycle the clay scraps, change the water, and leave the studio clean and organized.  

6. The last person out must turn off the lights, AC, and lock the front door.

Please note that the studio may occasionally (but rarely) be closed on Saturday afternoon if a special event has been reserved. 
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Foelber Pottery Gallery & Studio
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