Earnest Snell is a Houston street artist.  

We first met Earnest at St. James' Episcopal Church during the Jubilee Service and Supper for the homeless. We were impressed with the drawings he would do while waiting for the service.  Over a period of time we got to know Earnest and invited him to our pottery studio to try his hand at clay.  He was very adept with the ceramic materials.  It was rewarding to see Earnest finish a day's work and leave the studio invigorated, renewed and more assured. However, he was living on the streets and had been for many years. 

Local galleries, friends and artists worked tirelessly to help this talented man find his place in our society again.

In 2014 Earnest was able to acquire housing through the Veteran's Administration. 
This has made his life much easier. Earnest continues to draw, paint, and sculpt daily. 
I4 Stations of the Cross.  Clay plaques 10"x10".  
Installed in the sanctuary of St. James' Episcopal Church, 3129 Southmore Blvd., Houston, TX   July 2008
Click here to view the photos of the handmade pillars created by Earnest Snell & John Foelber for the gallery entrance.

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