The Gallery is located in a charming, two story house built around 1929.  John Foelber moved to Houston in the late 1970's and began renting space in this building. He and his wife, Judy Adams, were able to purchase the property in 1993.

In 2005 the front porch overhang was starting to sag.  Being potters we couldn't just prop it up with ordinary pillars. John and
a fellow artist, Earnest Snell, created these beautiful stoneware pillars.

Each section depicts a "pottery scene" from around the world.  From the Orient, to Egypt, to a good old cowboy, these pillars show how pottery is a part of everyone's life.

Foelber Pottery Gallery & Studio
706 Richmond Ave. Houston, Texas
Foelber Pottery Gallery & Studio
706 Richmond Ave.  Houston, TX  77006
713- 529-1703
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