Foelber Pottery Gallery & Studio
706 Richmond Ave.  Houston, TX  77006
713- 529-1703
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Foelber Pottery Gallery & Studio
706 Richmond Ave. Houston, Texas
Dungeons & Dragons. 15"H. Comes with interior light! Ellen Schlette-artist. Starting bid: $70Grammie's House (Trinidad, Colorado).  7"H. Porch swing actually swings! Jill Hess-artist. Bid now at: $50Buddist Village. 7"h. Jes Dougherty-artist. Bid now at: $50Historical Heights. 7"h wall hanging. Wood is from shiplap of an old Houston Heights home. Christie Chase-artist.  Starting bid: $40Fairy Abode with Mushrooms. 9"H. Interior tealight included.  Julie Solomon-artist. Starting bid: $40It Takes a Village. 5"h. Christie Chase- artist. Bid now at: $35Cityscape. 3"h. Rita Bradberry-artist. Starting bid: $10A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. 5"h. Includes small american flag! Teresa O'Donnell-artist. Starting bid: $10Cityscape w/ Wavey Boarder. 3"h. Rita Bradberry-artist. Bid now at: $20Puerto Vallarta. 3"h. Lisa McGuire-artist. Bid now at: $15Home Tweet Home. 7"h. Deborah Duke-artist. Bid now at: $25Golden Pagoda. 19"h. Corinne Tracy- artist. Starting bid: $70Home from the Sea. 9"h. Wall hanging. Judy Adams-artist. Starting bid: $40Snowfall Cup. 4"h. Alison Miller- artist. Bid now at: $25Houston. 6"h. Nesreen Alawami- artist. Starting bid: $40Dragonfly Hut. 4"h. Patty Smith-Hart-artist. Bid now at: $30Cul-de-sac Bowl. 7"h. Anne Styler & Karl Compton-artists. Bid now at: $40Cul-de-sac Bowl. Back view. Pueblo. 4"h. Karen Murphy- artist. Bid now at: $40. Caribbean Coral Reef. 6"h Lisa McGuire- artist. Starting bid: $35Caribbean Coral Reef. Back view. Fairytale Cottage. 3"h. Lisa McGuire-artist. Starting bid: $20Welcome. 9"h. Susan Treat-artist. Starting bid: $15Fairy Abode with Green Roof. 8"h. Interior tealight included.  Julie Solomon-artist. Starting bid: $35Fairy Abode with Daisies on Roof. 9"h. Interior tealight included. Julie Solomon- artist. Bid now at: $40Bungalow Teapot. 7"h. Linda Graham- artist. Starting bid: $20Tiny Houses. Set of two. 4"h. Jes Dougherty- artist. Bid now at: $25Tiny Green House. 2"h. Jes Dougherty-artist. Bid now at: $35Rapunzel's Tower. 14"h. This is also a bank! Susan Compton-artist. Starting bid: $40Polynesian Tiny Hut. 3"h. Jes Dougherty- artist. Starting bid:$10Lighthouse. 13"h. Comes with interior light! Keith Renner-artist. Starting bid: $45Country Roads,Take Me Home. 5"h. Lisetta Lavy-artist. Bid now at: $30Cathedra Draco. 10"h. Karl Compton- artist. Starting bid: $35Camping in the Rockies. 5"h. Lisetts Lavy- artist. Bid now at: $25Magic Mini Tower. 7"h. Jennifer Walker-artist. Bid now at: $10Home Sweet Home. 5"h. Jill Hess- artist. Bid now at: $100Home Sweet Home w/Blue Plate. 3"h. Jill Hess-artist. Bid now at: $35Colorado Winter. 13"h. Pearl Kudisch- artist. Starting bid: $45Airplant House w/ Tile Roof. 6"h. Wall hanging. Lindsay Mericli-artist. Bid now at: $20Airplant House w/ Archway. 6"h. Wall Hanging. Lindsay Mericli-artist. Bid now at: $20Yurt Sweet Yurt. 4"h. Donna Duke- artist. Bid now at: $20 House of Blues. 4"h. It's an ocarina (whistle)! Susan Compton- artist. Bid now at: $30This Old House. 4"h. Barbara Harvey- artist. Starting bid: $10Flower Power House. 8"h. Linda Graham-artist. Bid now at: $30Feed the Flock. Courtney Brock-artist. Starting bid: $15
Houston Habitat for Humanity had 176 of its homes damaged by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey.
The artists and advanced students of Foelber Pottery have generously donated "house-themed" ceramic pieces to help Habitat rebuild and continue building new homes.
This event will take place from Wednesday, Nov. 8 through Saturday, Nov. 11. 
There are three ways to participate:

1. Peruse the 42 donated ceramic pieces above or stop by the gallery to see the pieces in person.  Starting bid prices are listed with each photo and bidding sheets will also be in the gallery.
Gallery hours for this event are Wed-Sat 10:00am-3:00pm.
Text us at 713-529-1703 if you can not come by the gallery and let us know which piece you would like and the price you are submitting.
We don't have online software for this so we'll just see how this goes!

Join us for the fun reception and final bidding on Saturday, Nov. 11 from
6:00-9:00pm. Refreshments and great conversation included!
100% of the proceeds from the sale of these 42 pieces will go to Houston Habitat for Humanity.

2. From Wednesday, Nov. 8-Saturday, Nov. 11 all other purchases of any of the ceramic work in the other gallery rooms will have
20% from gallery sales donated to Houston Habitat for Humanity.

3. Fabulous backyard sale of ceramic work by gallery artists. Great Deals!
10:00am-3:00pm Saturday, Nov. 11.
A wide selection of bowls, cups, teapots, wall art, and sculptures.
Perfect for gift-giving!
10% from the backyard sale will be donated to Houston Habitat for Humanity.

Last year we raised over $3,000! 
Please join us for this creative, fundraiser!
Please join us Saturday, November 11
for a day full of fine, ceramic art
and fundraising for
Houston Habitat for Humanity.

Backyard Sale from 10:00am-3:00pm
Reception & Final  Bidding 6:00-9:00pm

Click on photos for Current bid prices as of
Thursday, November 9.