Foelber Pottery Gallery & Studio
706 Richmond Ave.  Houston, TX  77006
713- 529-1703 
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
* Do you teach private classes?
We teach over 100 people a week in our adult intermediate/advanced classes. When not teaching we are firing kilns, mixing glazes, working in the gallery, etc. When all that is done we like to spend time with family. So sorry to private classes.

* Do you teach children?
We are sorry, but we no longer offer children's classes. 

* I have some pottery I made at home. Will you fire it in your kilns?  How much would it cost?
No, unfortunately we do not fire pottery for anyone other than students in our pottery classes. There is just too much that can go wrong and our kilns stay very full with student pieces.
You may try contacting THE CERAMIC STORE.

* How many people are in a typical class?
We have 16 pottery wheels so that is the maximum enrollment. The average is 14 people per class. When there is more than 8 people in a class we will have two teachers.

* Do you have a parking lot?
Yes. We have parking in front of both the gallery and the studio buildings. There is also off-street parallel parking on the side of the studio on Greeley St. We also have two parking spots available in the back of our lot on the Greeley St. side. So plenty of parking!

* Are the pottery pieces food safe?
Yes. Your pottery will be fired to 2350 F. This makes it dishwasher safe, microwave safe. We do not use lead in our glazes. The only pieces not recommended for food is the one piece you will fire in a Raku kiln.

Do you use lead in your glazes? stated above...we do not use lead in our glazes. Lead is for low-fire pottery 
(1800 F). Our clay and glazes are formulated for high-fire ware (above 2300 F).

* How do you pronounce Foelber?
Thanks for asking! It is a German name so the "O" is silent. It's pronounced FELL-BER!

Adult Intermediate/Advanced Classes
*What do I need to know to be in this class?
Please look at the details on this page. Basically you need to be a bit self-sufficient in the studio. Email us if you have more questions.

*Why can't I register and pay online for the Intermediate classes?
We really need to know if someone is actually at the intermediate pottery level. There are a variety of skills one should know before joining these classes and we don't want people to feel overwhelmed or frustrated. A little chit-chat with you helps us know what level of potter you are.

*How many exhibitions do you host a year?
We average about 5 major exhibitions September through May. We do not have specific, new shows in the summer and the gallery has reduced hours June/July/August.

* Is the work of sale?
Yup! That's how we stay in business! Pieces range from $10/$15 for a coffee mug to $100> for detailed sculptures.

* Do you show only clay work?
Yup. We love all art but clay is our passion. There is so much variety in the ceramic world that we have decided to really showcase the creativity of clay.

* May I show you my portfolio of ceramic work?
We are happy to look at work. However at this time we are not taking any new artists in the gallery.

*How many artists do you represent in your gallery?
We are committed to showing 5-7 local ceramic artists at a time. The group we have now showcases a variety of styles and techniques. It makes us proud to show the talent of these local artisans.

*Do you carry pottery from Mexico or other countries?
No we do not. We are focused on local artists in the greater Houston area.

About Us
* How long have you been in business?
John Foelber started the business in 1979 at this exact location. 

* How do you pronounce Foelber?
Thanks for asking! It is a German name so the "O" is silent. It's pronounced FELL-BER!

*Can you tell us more about the history of your pottery studio and gallery?
We are working on a web page for that in between teaching, loading kilns, mixing glazes and making our own work. The hardest thing is scanning old pre-digital photos! 

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Circa 1988
circa 2005
Foelber Pottery Gallery & Studio
706 Richmond Ave. Houston, Texas